The team of Advertising Agency G.I.D. Consult is ready to support you whenever you need:

Internet Advertising

  • Planning and realization of ad campaigns in keeping with the marketing objectives.
  • Providing optimal communication volume of your messages.

Online PR

  • Poblications about events ot news for your business in Internet.
  • Building meaningful public image of your company.
  • Attracting the consumers’ attention and formation of interest in your products.
  • Gaining a specific word (association) in the minds of customers, which represents the most distinctive feature of the mark.
  • Effective brand presence on social networks.

New ideas for business development

  • Online research in social networks to gather inovative ideas directly from the consumers.
  • Written in plain language and ready to use conclusions and recommendations.

Consulting on the selection process of appropriate media for internet ad campaign

  • Introduction for the specifics of the different media and the possible outcomes of their use.
  • Evaluation the communication parameters of already prepared amedia plan.
  • Providing market (price and statistic) information for each of planned sites.
  • Analyzing and evaluation the final effect of the campaign with a set of communication channels.
  • Support in due time for inqueries during the campaign.

Optimization of your web site for better position in Google

  • Getting fresh ideas for updating site content.
  • Occupation of the higher positions in the most effective keywords.
  • Attracting and retain qualified visitors.
  • Improving the quality of the stay on the site.
  • Periodic assessment of the site's ability to achieve targets to changing conditions.
  • Help in choosing a provider of specialized technical web services.

Advertising with Google AdWords

  • Achieving optimum site visits, leading to interaction with your products at minimum cost per click.
  • Providing the most effective positions for sponsored links in accordance with the available budget and competition.
  • Determining the most appropriate timing of advertising through Google AdWords.

Direct e-mail marketing

  • Realization of e-mail actions using structured databases.
  • Achieving optimal share of the target audience.
  • Support in the process of design and selection of appropriate message.
  • Dentifying the optimal frequency of contact with the audience.
  • Building a base of loyal customers.

Monitoring of your Internet campaign

  • Strict control of the results of the ongoing campaign.
  • Timely response to changing conditions in the online environment.
  • Detailed statistics and analysis of performance.

Monitoring of company reputation and competition in Internet

  • Analyze and evaluate the popularity of your company brand and products in the Internet.
  • Determining the opinion of online consumers to your brand.
  • Timely response to the presence of negative phenomena or offensive initiatives of ompetitors.
  • Identifying the specific aspects to improve the online presence of your brand.

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